Green’s Dictionary of Slang

peep v.3

[peep n.1 (1)/SE peep, to look furtively]

1. (US black) to scrutinise, to uncover something that was meant to be kept secret by checking.

[US] ‘Mexicana Rose’ in D. Wepman et al. Life (1976) 37: Now his cufflinks looked like they cost a grand, / But I peeped the back; they said, ‘Made in Japan.’.
[US] ‘The Letter’ in D. Wepman et al. Life (1976) 141: Remember that gold watch you said cost a grand? / Well, we peeped the back and it said, ‘Made in motherfucking Japan.’.
[US]V.E. Smith Jones Men 41: It hadda be somebody who been peepin’ your shit.
Cooper & Wright New Jack City [film script] Peep this out. Freebase. So what?
[US]J. Ridley What Fire Cannot Burn 155: IA cops were not cops that cops wanted other cops to peep them talking with.
[US]‘Dutch’ ? (Pronounced Que) [ebook] He had already peeped the temporary license plate.

2. (also peep out) to put someone or something under surveillance; in weak use, to watch, to look at.

[US]C. Brown Manchild in the Promised Land (1969) 409: Lou, are you sure you’ve really peeped this cat?
[US]J. Webb Fields of Fire (1980) 169: Peep the neighbors out. If a neighbor comes to a window, wait until they go away.
[US] Ice-T ‘High Rollers’ [lyrics] Most men don’t understand it / Till they peep the huge bank that these girls have landed.
[US] Snoop Doggy Dogg ‘What’s My Name?’ [lyrics] Yeah, so peep out the manuscript / You see that it’s a must we drop gangsta shit.
[US]Dr Dre ‘Ackrite’ [lyrics] Cuties peep my style, if I don’t get some ackrite / I’ma have to ack-wild.
[US]Eble Campus Sl. Fall 8: PEEP – look at something, check something out.
[US]J. Díaz This Is How You Lose Her 209: On the T you swear you peep her in the rush-hour mix.

3. to pay close attention, to listen to what somebody is saying.

[US]UGK ‘976-Bun B’ [lyrics] That new shit for ninety-two / All you niggaz peep this one.
[US]P. Beatty Tuff 163: Peep this — Charley’s mother walk in, ‘I want to open a high-yield savings account’.

In phrases

peep things out (v.)

(US black) to see what is going on.

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