Green’s Dictionary of Slang

cut up jack v.

also kick up (high) jack, raise jack, tear up jack
[ext. of cut up v.1 (6) + ? fig. use of jack n.2 ]

(US) to cause a commotion.

[US]W.T. Porter Big Bear of Arkansas (1847) 62: How Simon Suggs ‘Raised Jack’ [title].
[US]R. Hicks Lady Killer 58: It gave them little concern [...] whether Dr. Pusey kicked up jack.
[US]Dly Wabash Exp. (Terre Haute, IN) 10 July 2/1: [He] will swear vengeance against us, and call us all sorts of hard names, and ‘cut up jack’ generally.
[US]S. Hale letter 26 Oct. in Atkinson Letters of Susan Hale (1919) 23: The street is narrow, so it looks quite deep, — and full of Arabs raising Jack all the time.
Cairo Dly Bull. (IL) 7 Sept. 2/1: [The] true blues vociferated, and gesticulated, and made faces, and cut up jack generally.
[US]Times & Democrat (Orangeburg, SC) 4 Mar. 2/1: I recomember how you cut up Jack when I merried [sic].
[US]Shiner Gaz. (TX) 23 Jan. 7/2: They who dance must pay the piper. We cut up Jack and are brought low by our own folly.
Lincoln Co. Leader (Toledo, OR) 9 Dec. 8/2: Some men imagine they are great and try to tear up Jack.
[US]Minneapolis Jrnl (MN) 12 Nov. 28/5: Whistle thru her fingers / Ride a horse bareback, / [...] / Sometimes cut up ‘jack’.
[US]J.W. Carr ‘Words from Northwest Arkansas’ in DN III:ii 161: tear up jack, v. phr. To raise a commotion. ‘He just tore up jack when he found out he was fired.’.
[US]L.W. Payne Jr ‘Word-List From East Alabama’ in DN III:iv 304: cut up Jack, v. phr. To do mischief, romp around and tear up things. [Ibid.] 327: kick up jack, v. phr. To raise a disturbance, cause a commotion, disarrange things.
[UK]G. Stratton-Porter Harvester 365: I heard he was just tearing up Jack over here, and I could get the sound of hammering.
[US]R.W. Brown ‘Word-List From Western Indiana’ in DN III:viii 580: kick up high jack, v. phr. To cause a disturbance; to have a ‘hot time.’ ‘They are goin’ over to the school-house to-night and will just kick up high jack’.
[US]N.Y. Tribune 5 Nov. 64/1: The tariff, which seemed very likely to ‘tear up Jack’, has really figured in the campaign only locally.
[US]Randolph & Wilson Down in the Holler 292: Sometimes one hears tear up jack, with the same meaning.