Green’s Dictionary of Slang

sugars n.

[sugar n.5 ]

(S.Afr. drugs) see cit. 2006.

[SA]Mail & Guardian 21 Apr. [Internet] Sugars, a mixture of residual cocaine and heroin cut with anything from rat poison to household detergents [...], is a cheap, addictive drug.
[SA]IOL Cape News 27 June [Internet] The Sugars epidemic which has destroyed the lives of hundreds of teenagers.
Vitacare Health Internet 7 June [Internet] ‘Sugars’ is the street name of a popular drug in South Africa which is a heroin-derivative where heroin is mixed with small amounts of residual cocaine. It is then used with other drugs like cannabis [...] or inhaled on its own. The drug mix is cut [...] the most common of these bulking agents being rat poison.
Safm Radio Johannesburg 1 Apr. [Internet] With rock cocaine you smoke to get high then you smoke sugars to bring you down.