Green’s Dictionary of Slang

toss (off) v.

1. to masturbate; often as toss oneself off and as vtr. to masturbate another person (see cit. 1973).

[UK]Wandring Whore I 9: Conduct them into my Bed-chamber, furnish them with good Wine and Tobacco, for I know Ju. will smoke a pipe, and then toss his Pike.
[UK]Belle’s Stratagem 61: If i don’t break off the match, may I never toss off another — Glass.
[UK]Whore’s Catechism [trans.] 81: Some copulate immediately afterward [i.e. after flagellation], others only wish to be tossed off by a female hand.
[US]in G. Legman Limerick (1953) 276: He managed a stand, And tossed himself off in the stalls.
[UK]Harlequin Prince Cherrytop 9: To the privy I would repair, / And toss it off in the basin there .
[UK]‘Three Chums’ in Boudoir III 89: My little sister doesn't know what it is yet; she is only up to the tossing off business.
[UK]C. Pearl in Blatchford Memoirs (1983) 99: I just can’t be bothered tonight, Cora; just toss me off, will you?
[UK]Crissie 18: ‘It won’t lighten your purse to toss him off [...] for the increasing screw he promises’.
[UK]P. Larkin letter 13 Aug. in Thwaite Sel. Letters (1992) 62: I piss about spending money, doing housework, tossing myself off (to put it crudely), and listening to those Awful Blaring Jazz Things.
[UK] ‘Little Jim’ in ‘Count P. Vicarion’ Bawdy Ballads XXIX: He buggered all the prefects and all the masters too, / But finally he was expelled or so the records say, / For tossing off the Prince of Wales on Coronation Day.
[UK]P. Larkin letter 1 June in Thwaite Sel. Letters (1992) 330: Glad to hear K. is all right. [...] give him my sympathy. It must be hell not being able to toss off.
[US]San Diego Sailor 11: I’d go out to the head [...] and we’d toss off together.
[Aus](con. 1940s–60s) Hogbotel & ffuckes ‘Craven A’ in Snatches and Lays 43: He was rusticated, so the records say, / For tossing off the Prince of Wales on Founder’s Day.
[UK]A. Bleasdale No More Sitting on the Old School Bench (1979) 25: How can you learn sociology from someone who wore a cheesecloth top an’ nothin’ t’support her tits? Ey? What educational standards can you hope t’achieve when half the class is tossin’ off on the back row?
[UK] (ref. to 1940s) S. Humphries Secret World of Sex 208: It was very common for somebody to toss someone off in a cottage.
[Ire]P. Muldoon ‘I look out the kitchen window. A cigarette burns...’ in Prince of the Quotidian n.p.: Who gives a shit about the dreck / of your life? Who gives a toss / about your tossing off?
[UK]A. Bennett Untold Stories (2006) 132: I realise that [...] what they were doing was tossing off.
[UK]G. Krauze What They Was 171: Then [she] gave me neckback, sucking and tossing me off onto her big olive oil breasts.

2. to get rid of, to discard.

[US]S. Judd Margaret (1851) II 291: Have you read ‘Cynthia?’ [...] It is a charming novel [...] I mean it is a delightful thing to toss off a dull hour with.
[UK]‘A Plain Woman’ Poor Nellie I 219: A pack of tossed-off girls for ’ousemaids.
[US]Sat. Eve. Post 21 March 15: If that long, lean lobster of a Lord William wants to toss off his change, let him.
[US]D. Runyon ‘All Horse Players Die Broke’ in Runyon on Broadway (1954) 712: If Uncle Fritz wishes to toss his dough off on jewellery, it is none of my put-in.
[US]Mezzrow & Wolfe Really the Blues 14: The colored man, like as not, can toss [the blues] off with a laugh.
[Aus]L. Glassop Lucky Palmer 42: Them mother-in-laws is hard to toss [...] They can see out the full fifteen rounds very easy.
[US] in E. Cray Erotic Muse (1992) 295: We have not lost our virginity. / If we have lost it, somebody tossed it.
[US]E. Bunker No Beast So Fierce 192: I finished the cigar and tossed the butt.
[Aus]K. Gilbert Living Black 20: They just toss it off as a joke.
[US]J. Ridley Love Is a Racket 227: The clothes I was wearing weren’t good for much more than burning, so I tossed ’em.
[US]C. Cook Robbers (2001) 33: He tossed the cigarette, half smoked.

3. (also toss up) to give up, to abandon (a task), to lose.

[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 7 July 14/1: I’ve tossed up goin’ b’ what they ex’ibits in penny papers.
[US]J. Lait Broadway Melody 4: He’s a hot song-plugger, Eddie is — tossing off that push-over tune on them hoofin’ hams.
[US]D. Runyon ‘Baseball Hattie’ in Runyon on Broadway (1954) 655: He tries to bribe Haystack to toss off a ball game.
[US]D. Runyon Runyon à la Carte 55: I express surprise that we toss off four G’s in such a short period.

In compounds

toss-bag (n.) (also toss-bags)

an unpleasant, worthless person.

[Scot]I. Welsh Filth 17: Toalie’s trying to play the fucking toss-bag.
[Scot]I. Welsh Glue 41: It’s only a toss-bag whae’d jist try n stuff it straight between a lassie’s legs whin thir’s plenty other fun tae be had first.
toss-rag (n.)

a piece of tissue that has been or will be used to wipe the penis after masturbation.

[UK]K. Amis letter 24 Sept. in Leader (2000) 479: Just as homopas a smell of old toss-rags in fact.