Green’s Dictionary of Slang

chant n.

also chaunt
[all fig. uses of SE chant, to sing]
(UK Und.)

1. [late 18C–19C] (also chantey, chantie) a song; thus throw off a rum chant, to sing a good song.

2. [mid-18C–19C] a newspaper advertisement; an account of a robbery.

3. [early 19C] any form of writing.

4. [early 19C] any form of marking, on silver, linen etc; thus chanted, marked.

5. [early–mid-19C] one’s name (and address); thus tip someone a queer chant, to give a false name, esp. to a tradesman one wishes to defraud.

6. [mid-19C] sheet music, a printed ballad with its lyrics.

In compounds

chant-cove (n.) [cove n. (1)]

[mid-19C] (US Und.) a newspaper reporter.