Green’s Dictionary of Slang

Casey Jones n.

[the legendary locomotive engineer John Luther Jones (1864–1900); his nickname came from the town of Cayce, pron. Casey, Kentucky; his fame from his death, attempting to avoid the crash that killed him, which event was later immortalized in a poem by Wallace Stevens, an engine wiper]

1. (also Casy Jones) a train-driver, a locomotive engineer.

[US]J. Tully Shadows of Men 107: The railroads’ll run right along — the same old freights’ll bump over the same old rails — an’ all the Casey Joneses’ll blow their whistles – toot toot!
[US]F.H. Hubbard Railroad Avenue 337: Casy Jones – Any locomotive engineer, especially a fast one.
[US]McCulloch Woods Words 30: Casey Jones – a locie engineer.
[US]Grateful Dead ‘Casey Jones’ [lyrics] Drivin’ that train / High on cocaine / Casey Jones you’d better watch your speed.

2. a railway train.

[US]Amer. N&Q July 54: Casey ]ones Mission: a flight undertaken by U.S. airmen over Japan against railroad installations [HDAS].
[US]Avallone White Knight 5: Four cars of the Casey Jones had been shaken up plenty [HDAS].