Green’s Dictionary of Slang

sticker n.1

1. (UK Und.) a lengthy period, a stay.

[UK]Leaves from Diary of Celebrated Burglar 150/1: He had ‘pratted’ himself for a ‘sticker’ against a barrel.

2. a guest who overstays their welcome.

[UK]Leaves from Diary of Celebrated Burglar 128/1: Notwithstanding my request to ‘sit-single,’ she was fixing for a ‘sticker’.
[UK]Sl. Dict. 310: Sticker one not likely to be easily shaken off, a stayer.
[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 14 Apr. 32/1: The Dermain boys call me Barnacle Bill ’coz I’m a born sticker. I made up me mind at an early age never tew pay me board. Nobody ever battened on me. The game o’ knowin’ how tew live is full of pints.

3. a commodity that does not find a ready sale [it SE sticks in the shop].

[US]Bartlett Dict. Americanisms.
[US]M. Glass Potash and Perlmutter 14: Designers can turn out stickers, too.

4. one who ‘sticks to’ his beliefs, job etc.

[UK]‘The Druid’ Post and Paddock 194: [of a race horse] Cossacks dam [...] was emphatically ‘a sticker;’ and though she had only one pace, she could [...] force the running.
[UK]P.H. Emerson Signor Lippo 69: ‘Who rides her?’ ‘Only a stable boy out of the trainer’s stables, but he’s a sticker.’.
[UK]‘Pot’ & ‘Swears’ Scarlet City 454: He seemed impressed with my earnestness. ‘Well,’ he observed, ‘I like a sticker’.
[US]S. Ford Shorty McCabe 290: He’s a sticker, too [...] he’s been coming out from the city every other day for a couple of weeks.
[UK]‘Ian Hay’ Carrying On 306: ‘The other fellows out there have got to go on sticking it out [...]’ ‘And by God [...] what stickers they are.’.
[Aus]Kia Ora Coo-ee 15 Mar. 7/1: On the other hand, no commanding officer was ever better liked by his men than General Birdwood is by the Anzacs, who say: ‘His name should have been Birdlime – he’s such a sticker.’.
[US]Goldin et al. DAUL 210/2: Sticker. [...] 4. Anyone who is loyal in all exigencies, especially to one in prison.

5. (US Und.) a warrant on an outstanding criminal charge.

[US]Goldin et al. DAUL 210/2: Sticker. [...] 2. (P) A detainer or warrant on a pending charge.

6. (UK police/Und.) a prisoner who does not get bail but stays on remand until their trial.

[UK]D. Powis Signs of Crime 202: Sticker A prisoner who must remain in custody while on remand or awaiting appearance at court.