Green’s Dictionary of Slang

hot sheet n.

[the items that are hot adj. (5c)]

1. (US police) a list of stolen property and of crimes under investigation.

[US]Monteleone Criminal Sl. (rev. edn).
Bridgeport Post (CT) 22 Oct. 49/6: Patrolman Richard Crooks [...] found the auto was one listed on the police ‘hot sheet’ — a record of stolen cars.
[US]E. Bunker Little Boy Blue (1995) 103: The car [...] won’t be on the hot sheet until tomorrow.
[US](con. early 1950s) J. Ellroy L.A. Confidential 112: There are no ’48 to ’50 purple Mercurys on the hot sheet, so it is very doubtful that we’re dealing with a stolen car.
[US]S.L. Hills Tragic Magic 86: It would be at least six or seven o’clock at night before this TV went on the hot sheet.
[US]G. Pelecanos Shame the Devil 15: He had called in the plate numbers of the Ford, and now he was waiting to see if the car was on the hot sheet.
[US]G. Pelecanos Night Gardener 132: They don’t have no Faberge eggs on no hot sheet.

2. (US black) the list of members of opposite gangs that are considered serious enemies.

[US]Source Aug. 147: He was affiliated with the 20s; but he wasn’t on our Insane hot sheet.