Green’s Dictionary of Slang

fuck you! excl.

also f.u.! fuck yourself! f-you!

[1930s+] a general excl. of dismissal, contempt, I don’t believe you! go to hell! nonsense! don’t make me laugh!

In exclamations

fuck you, Charley!

[1930s+] a general excl. of dismissal; often reversed as Chuck you, Farley!, but fooling no one.

fuck you, Jack(, I’m all right!) (also bugger you, George, I’m all right!) [orig. naut. catchphrase, denoting utter selfishness and disinterest in the plight of anyone else; general milit. use by WWI and thence to civilians; the best known use is bowdlerized in the film title I’m Alright, Jack (1959), which burlesqued bloody-minded industrial relations]

[late 19C+] a general dismissive excl., don’t bother me! I don’t care!; also other exts., e.g. fuck you, Jack, I’ve got mine.