Green’s Dictionary of Slang

bare adj.

also bere, berr
[orig. Bdos bare, nothing but, i.e. too much of; ult. SE barely (enough)]

(UK black teen) many, lots of.

[UK]C. Newland Scholar 292: She had bere tom on her.
[UK]Dizzee Rascal in Vice Mag. at [Internet] I got kicked out of bare schools. [...] Bare people were getting pregnant around me in the manor, getme? Bare girls were getting breeded up. [...] There’s just so many talented people but road gets a hold of them, bare people I know could have made it. [...] One little thing gets out, gets changed, changed, by the time it goes from two people to bare people. [...] Oh yeah I’ve heard bare times that I’ve been shot.
[UK]Guardian Society 13 July [Internet] We’d go round the corner, pass something to someone, go back and we’d have bare dough, we’d have bare money in our pocket.
[UK]A. Wheatle Dirty South 57: There’s bare shootings in this esate.
[UK]J. Cornish Attack the Block [film script] 6: Nice whip. Could be bare valuables in there.
67 ‘Take It There’ [lyrics] Tryna count berr bank rolls and the feds on my case so I’m discreet.
[UK]Independent 5 Jan. [Internet] Many other [teenage] words belong to MLE—multi-ethnic or multicultural London English— [...] Among the most pervasive are bruv, mate, bare, fam, gwop, or peas (money), and chirpsin’, linkin’, and lipsin’—flirting, dating, and kissing respectively.
[UK]Mirror Online 1 Sept. [Internet] F**k cars, innit — we don’t go in cars — We use bikes only. Bare bikes.