Green’s Dictionary of Slang

buttocking adj.

[buttock v.]

promiscuous, whorish.

[UK]N. Ward London Spy VI 140: What do you think [...] [t]his buttocking brimstone came hither for?
[UK]Life of Thomas Neaves 31: Those Buttocking Frows, that for a Lie buxum, a Hog, or half a Slat, this is six-pence, a Shilling, or half a Crown, shall turn up their Scut to every Porter, Link-boy, Tinker, or Carman.
[UK]Life and Character of Moll King 12: My Blos has nailed me of mine [handkerchief]; but I shall catch her at Maddox’s Gin-Ken [...] and if she has morric’d it, Knocks and Socks, Thumps and Pumps, shall attend the Froe-File Buttocking B---h.