Green’s Dictionary of Slang

needle (and pin) n.

[rhy. sl.]


[UK]Dundee Courier 14 June 7/2: ‘Needle and pin’ means gin.
[UK](con. 1914–18) Brophy & Partridge Songs and Sl. of the British Soldier.
[UK]L. Payne private coll. n.p.: Gin Needle and Pin.
[UK]S.T. Kendall Up the Frog 12: Two drops of pimple and blotch and needle and pin for the struggle and strife.
[UK]J. Jones Rhy. Cockney Sl.
[UK]P. Wright Cockney Dialect and Sl. 99: ‘Gin’ need not always be Vera Lynn [...] it may be needle an’ pin.
[UK]R. Puxley Cockney Rabbit.
[UK]B. Kirkpatrick Wicked Cockney Rhy. Sl.