Green’s Dictionary of Slang

hound n.

1. based on the negative characteristics of the dog, synon. with dog n.2 (1)

(a) [mid-18C+] an unpleasant person.

(b) [mid-19C+] a gangster, a hoodlum.

(c) [1920s+] (US black) an indiscriminatingly promiscuous man.

(d) [1930s+] (Aus.) a lazy, good-for-nothing person.

(e) [1960s] (US) a coward.

(f) [1980s+] (Aus. prison) an informer.

(g) [1980s+] an unattractive woman.

2. [1910s+] (US) an enthusiast, a devotee [-hound sfx].

3. [1950s+] (US black) a Greyhound Corporation bus.

4. [1960s] (US) ‘the daylights’, ‘the stuffing’; thus kick/knock the hound out of.

In phrases

come the hound (v.)

[1970s] (Irish) to deceive, to trick.