Green’s Dictionary of Slang

shitfaced adj.

also shitface, shitty
[fig. uses of shit n. (1a) + SE faced]
(orig. US)

1. stupid, ignorant.

[US]E. Hemingway letter 5/6 Jan. in Baker Sel. Letters (1981) 351: Some shitfaced critic writes Mr. Hemingway retires to his comfortable library to write about despair.
[Aus]J. Birmingham Tasmanian Babes Fiasco (1998) 156: No kidding [...] a lot of shit-faced drunken S.P.A. yobs staggered on to the stage and sang, ‘Singin’ in the Rain’.

2. very drunk.

[US]Dundes & Schonhorn ‘Kansas University Sl.: A New Generation’ in AS XXXVIII:3174: Some of the less frequent, but apparently equally traditional, adjectives are: [...] shit-faced.
[US](con. 1950s) H. Junker ‘The Fifties’ in Eisen Age of Rock 2 (1970) 99: Getting [...] shit-faced, loaded, smashed, plowed.
[US]D. Jenkins Semi-Tough 141: Unfortunately—heh, heh—I was shit-face and don’t remember much.
[US]G.V. Higgins Patriot Game (1985) 183: We’d [...] gotten absolutely shitfaced.
[UK](con. 1960) P. Theroux My Secret Hist. (1990) 118: God, are you shit-faced.
[US]D. Waters Heathers [film script] Okay, just as long as it’s not one of those nights when they get shit-faced and take us to a pasture to tip cows.
B. Reed ‘Messman on C.E.’s Altar’ in Passing Strange (2015) 16: Messman was mentally stepping out of the cesspool of his miserable shit-faced existence.
[US]S. Morgan Homeboy 240: Mister Fab came back [...] shitfaced and still wearing the Ruger Redhawk .357.
[US]T. Jones Pugilist at Rest 219: I’m shitfaced and hung over at the same time.
[US]Eble Campus Sl. Sept. 5: shitty – drunk.
[US]C. Hiaasen Lucky You 75: They were shitfaced by the time the check came.
[UK]Guardian Weekend 29 Jan. 12: We’d go out and get absolutely shit-faced.
[US]Eble Campus Sl. Apr. 6: shitfaced – drunk.
[Ire]P. Howard PS, I Scored the Bridesmaids 128: Basically getting shit-faced and thowing the lips on any bird that came into my line of vision.
[US]R. Price Lush Life 444: ‘Are you too shitfaced for this?’ ‘No, I’m good’ .
[UK]J.J. Connolly Viva La Madness 202: Try being here at three in the morning [...] everyone outta their nut, shitfaced.
[US]S. King Finders Keepers (2016) 74: Not just a little loaded either - standing-up, falling-down shitfaced drunk.

3. under the influence of cannabis; occas. other drugs (see cit. 2000).

[US]Eble Campus Sl. Apr. 3: shit-faced – [...] After three joints Bill was shit-faced.
[UK]J. Poller Reach 15: She gave me a sweet albeit shitfaced smile.
[US]W.T. Vollmann Royal Family 492: One time on lithium I got so shitfaced.
[US]T. Dorsey Triggerfish Twist (2002) 87: ‘How do you feel?’ asked Bernie. Coleman looked slowly around the room. ‘[...] pie-eyed, glass-eyed, shit-faced, blue-faced, [...].’.
[UK]B. Hare Urban Grimshaw 84: Two teenage girls were [...] smoking from a homemade bong [...] Both were completely shit-faced.
[Aus]P. Temple Truth 115: Saw her yesterday near the market [...] With streeters. Shitfaced.
[US]T. Dorsey Riptide Ultra-Glide 68: ‘You’re really getting seriously fucked up, completely hammered, ripped to the nuts, shit-faced and puking’.

4. a general intensifier: total, complete.

[US](con. 1960s) R. Price Wanderers 135: What could have been a shit-faced blast turned into a wake.
[US](con. 1969) M. Herr Dispatches 44: At the bottom was the shitface grunt, at the top a Command trinity.
[US]T. Parker South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut [film script] Oh, you shitfaced cockmaster!
[UK]T. Blacker Kill Your Darlings 229: Fuck off, Greg, you shit-faced lying little cunt.

5. depressed.

[US]G. Hayward Corruption Officer [ebk] cap. 1: People who had bet against him would [...] have shitface, upset facial expressions.