Green’s Dictionary of Slang

comether n.

In phrases

put the comether on (v.) (also put the come-hither on) [SE come hither]

(Aus./Irish) to coax, to wheedle, to impress.

[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 2 July 34/2: Arrah, but it put the comether on me – me who cud have taken the wake little wisp wid one hand an’ wiped me hilmit wid him – me who had wasted a car-full of compassion on him thinkin’ he had lost his ma, to be offered assistance, no liss, from a bit av a bantam loike that!
[Aus]E.S. Sorenson Selector in Life in the Aus. Backblocks 215: Old teamsters will tell you that a bullock-whip is a formidable weapon when you know how to use it, and most effective in ‘putting the come hither’ on the off-siders.
[Aus]Bulletin (Sydney) 9 July 24/4: But a big fireman seizes holt iv Matty, ’n’ puts the come-hither on him. ‘Shut up yer idiot head,’ sez he.