Green’s Dictionary of Slang

amazon n.

1. (US campus) an attractive, sexy woman.

[US]Baker et al. CUSS 70: Amazon A sexually attractive female.

2. (US campus) a very tall or muscular person of either sex.

[US] in Current Sl. (1967) I:4 3/1: Amazon, n. A very tall girl or boy.
[US]Eble Campus Sl. Apr. 1: amazon – brawny, muscular female.

3. (US, also A) a dominatrix.

[US]personal ad. on restroom wall quoted in Murray & Murrell Lang. Sadomasochism (1989) 31: Need A for B/D, light S/M.
[US]Women in Command 16 in Murray & Murrell Lang. Sadomasochism (1989) 32: Mistress Victoria is 5’11” — Black Amazon allows us to enter into the pages of her diary.

4. (US black) a masculine lesbian.

[US]L. Pettiway Workin’ It 219: I had been around a lot of bulldaggers and shit in jail [...] They looked like mad dogs. Bitch, big Amazons!