Green’s Dictionary of Slang

boozarium n.

[booze n. (1)]

(US) a bar.

Pacific Commercial Advertiser (Jonolulu) 8 Nov. 2/4: The sausage monger spurns his familiar wicker basket and haunts the boozarium until he gets run in for over-indulgence.
[US]Boston Globe Sun. Mag. 21 Dec. 7–8: There are [...] the ‘booze-clerks,’ who pass around the ‘suds’ at the ‘boozarium,’ where intoxicating drinks are sold.
[US]Times & Democrat (Orangeburg, SC) 3 Apr. 6/3: he kept a b‘oozarium’ and [...] he was always getting over one spree or starting on another.
[US]Eve. Star (Wash., DC) 2 Feb. 14/3: At that moment Stuary woke up [...] and the dream boozarium lost its license, the dream Budweiser disappeared.
Hotel Mthly 31 21: We are placing a modern, 45-chair lunch counter in our former boozarium, and every cooking appliance will be electric.