Green’s Dictionary of Slang

maund v.

also maund it, mawnd
[? Fr. mendier/quémendier, to beg, ult. Lat. mendicus, a beggar, the root of the SE mendicant. Note Rom. mang, to beg]

[mid-16C–mid-19C] (UK Und.) to ask or require; thus to beg; thus maunding n. and adj.

In phrases

maund abram (v.) [abram n.]

[17C] to beg while posing as a madman.

maunding cove (n.) (also maunding mort, ...rogue) [ cove n.]

[17C–18C] a beggar.

maund on the pad (v.) (also maund upon the pad) [pad n.1 ]

[17C] to beg on the street or highway.