Green’s Dictionary of Slang

bugged out adj.

1. (US) bizarre, eccentric.

[US]Edwardsville Intelligencer (IL) 30 Mar. 2/5: A person who [...] acts objectionably is ‘off the wall,’ possibly ‘bugged out’ or crazy.
[US]M. McAlary Crack War (1991) 123: Todd was really bugged out. He was laughing. Todd is crazy.
[US]Source Nov. 105: I still don’t believe that shit [...] It was just so completely bugged out.
[US]50 Cent ‘Wanksta’ 🎵 We in the club doing the same ol’ two step / Gorilla unit cause they say we bugged out / Cause we don’t go nowhere without toast we thugged out.

2. see bugged adj.1