Green’s Dictionary of Slang

cocksucker n.

[cock n.3 (1) (except sense 5) + suck v.1 (1)]

1. [late 19C+] a fellator or fellatrix.

2. [1900s+] (also cocklicker) an abusive term, generally considered to be one of the worst [note sucker n.3 ].

3. [2000s] (Aus.) attrib. use fo sense 2, the image is of sycophancy.

4. [1910s] (Aus.) a US soldier; spelling in cits. (cark-sucker) suggests the aping of US accents by Australians and the sterotyping of the frequency of the word’s use.

5. [1920s+] a male homosexual; thus his mouth.

6. [1940s+] (US black/Southern) one who performs cunnilingus [cock n.4 (1)].

7. [1970s+] an object, no pej. implied.

8. [1980s+] (US) the mouth.

9. [1980s+] something distasteful, unpopular.

10. [2000s] (US black) in pl., the lips.