Green’s Dictionary of Slang

fuck-about n.

also fuckaround, fuckarow
[fuck about v.]

(US) bad treatment, messing about, time-wasting; also of a person; thus play fuckaround v., to treat someone badly or contemptuously.

[US]H.S. Thompson letter 18 Apr. in Proud Highway (1997) 509: My good time badass fuckaround is going out of style.
[US] in H.S. Thompson Great Shark Hunt (1980) 117: A gig that [...] was a king-hell, highlife fuckaround from start to finish.
[Aus]B. Moore Lex. of Cadet Lang. 154: usage: ‘What a fuckaround this exercise is turning out to be!’.
[UK]J.J. Connolly Layer Cake 42: It was all a bit of a fuckin game back then compared with now, it was a fuck-about, cops and robbers.
[US]S. King Dreamcatcher 88: He spared one glance at the woman who had caused all this fuckarow.
[UK]J.J. Connolly Viva La Madness 198: Where the fuck you been [...] This isn’t a fuckabout.