Green’s Dictionary of Slang

do... v.

also have...

in addition to the many synons. for sexual intercourse with individual entries, other vars. exist: see cit. 1890–1904 below.

[UK]Farmer & Henley Sl. and Its Analogues III 207: To have, or do, or perform [...] a ballocking; a bit; a lassie’s by-job (Burns); a bedward bit (Durfey); a beanfeast in bed; a belly-warmer; a blindfold bit; a bottom-wetter (of women); a bout; a brush with the cue; a dive in the dark; a drop-in; a double fight; an ejectment in Love-lane; a four-legged frolic; a fuck; a futter; a game in the cock-loft; a goose-and-duck (rhyming); the culbatizing exercise (Urquhart); a grind; a hoist-in; a jottle; a jumble-giblets; a jumble-up; an inside worry; a leap; a leap up the ladder; a little of one with t’other (Durfey); a mount; a mow (David Lyndsay, Burns, etc.); a nibble; a plaster of warm guts (Grose); a poke; a put; a put-in; a random push (Burns); a rasp; a ride; a roger; a rootle; a rush up the straight; a shot at the bull’s eye; a slide up the board; a squirt-and-a squeeze; a touch-off; a touch- up; a tumble-in; a wet-’un; a wipe at the place; a wollop-in.
[UK]Farmer Vocabula Amatoria (1966) 18: Arresser. 1. To copulate; ‘to do a bedward bit’. [Ibid.] 65: Choser. To copulate; ‘to have a blindfold bit’.