Green’s Dictionary of Slang

hospo n.

(Aus.) the hospitality industry, also attrib.

aus general 3 Nov. 🌐 Hi, I’m in the hospo industry in NZ and planning a move to Sydney very soon and would like to make contact with anybody who likes to be social and enjoys working in hospo and socialising with others in hospo - we work odd hours so we often need to party at odd hours right?
AnandTech Forums 30 June 🌐 I’m also not good at hospo jobs, serving people, standing up all day, it’s not my thing. 13 Sept. 🌐 From working in hospo I’ve picked up a thing or two, most notably breakfast should be served with gin.
A. Roberts Forbidden Prince [ebook] ‘I’m in hospo’ Raoul blinked. Maybe his English wasn’t as good as he’d thought. It took only as long as that blink for Mika to realise his lack of comprehension and rescue him. ‘Hospitality. I’m a waitress in a cafi down in Positano’ .