Green’s Dictionary of Slang

Abdul n.

[stereotypical ‘Arab’ name]

1. (Aus.) a derog. term for a Turkish soldier.

[Aus]I.A. Williams diary 27 Oct. 🌐 About midday Abdul heavily shelled our position. Little or no damage was done. The sunset tonight was most gorgeous.
[Aus]C.J. Dennis ‘The Singing Soldiers’ in Moods of Ginger Mick 62: ‘Strike!’ sez ’e. ‘It sounds like skitin’; but they’re singin’ while they’re fightin’; / An’ they socks it into Abdul to the toon o’ “Nancy Lee”.’.
[Aus]E. Dyson ‘Marshal Neigh, V.C.’ in ‘Hello, Soldier!’ 18: Little Abdul’s quite a fighter, ’n’ he mixes it with skill.
[Aus](con. WWI) A.G. Pretty Gloss. of Sl. [...] in the A.I.F. 1921–1924 (rev. t/s) n.p.: abdul. Turkish Soldier, individually, and collectively. An Arabic proper name.
[UK](con. 1914–18) Brophy & Partridge Songs and Sl. of the British Soldier.

2. (US) a derog. / generic term for an Arab.

[Aus]A. Gurney Bluey & Curley Mar. [synd. cartoon strip] Abdul, you orta be bloomin’ well shot — loading up the poor old donk like that!!
[US]J. Sack Company C 16: We don’t want Abdul to stand up and put some rounds up Russell’s poop-chute.
[UK]J. Niven Kill Your Friends (2009) 87: There’s the usual gibbering Paki at the wheel [...] He’s talking to the air. He may as well be talking to Abdul in front.