Green’s Dictionary of Slang

chanter n.

also chaunter
[chant v.]

1. [early 18C–1930s] (also chantey man, chanty man) a seller and singer of street ballads.

2. [mid-19C–1920s] (also chanterer) a crooked horse dealer, also of dogs.

In compounds

chaunter-cove (n.) [cove n. (1)]

[mid–late 19C] a journalist, a reporter.

chaunter-cull (n.) (also chanter-cull) [cull n.1 (4)]

[late 18C–19C] (UK Und.) a composer of ballads, broadsides and similar productions for the use of street singers and versifiers.

In phrases

chaunter upon the leer (n.) [leer n.]

[late 18C–19C] an advertiser.