Green’s Dictionary of Slang

Loafers’ Hall n.

(US) a prison.

[[US]Eve. Star (N.Y.) 11 Nov. 2/3: A visit was made on Sunday night by the Alderman of the Ward and several Police officers, to a house in Front street, called Loafer’s Hall, where all the vagabonds and paupers of the neighborhood nightly lodged for one, two and three cents per night.].
Daily Enquirer (Richmond , VA) 20 July 3/2: Yet for only this, he was compelled to retire for a while from the gaieties of society into the retirement of ‘Loafers’ Hall’.
Hocking Sentinel (Logan, OH) 21 June 3/3: The dog shall be [...] placed on exhibition in Loafers’ Hall.
[US]Wichita Dly Eagle (KS) 4 Feb. 2/2: When the police arrived at Deer Island a large number of the convicts were gathered in ‘loafer’s hall’.
Docs. of State of N.Y. 15 51: The Queens county jail, where these young men are kept in idleness in a public loafer’s hall for the benefit of the sheriff.