Green’s Dictionary of Slang

jiggered adj.1

[jigger v.1 (1)]

1. exhausted, worn out, beaten; often as jiggered up; phr. I’m jiggered, unperinned by semi-euph. substitute for damned adj. (1)

[UK]Sherborne Mercury 31 Jan. 2/5: ‘I say, Bill, look at that ’ere thin ’un. I’m jigger’d if he isn’t in training to go down a gas pipe’.
[US]Living Age 24 Apr. 167/2: I ’m jiggered if he did n’t out with a brace of old brass-mounted ship’s pistols, and fire them.
[UK]R. Nicholson Rogue’s Progress (1966) 112: I’m jiggered if you ain’t the unluckiest beggar I ever met with.
[UK]W.H. Smyth Sailor’s Word-Bk (1991) 412: Jiggered-up. Done up; tired out.
[UK]W.C. Russell Sailors’ Lang. 75: Jiggered — Jiggered up, I’m used up.
[UK]Leicester Chron. 21 June 12/1: Well, I ’m jiggered!
[UK]Sevenoaks Chron. 23 Sept. 3/2: I was also on the bloomin’ spot; and may I be jiggered if he wasn’t brought there in a cab.
[Aus]Bird o’ Freedom (Sydney) 4 Apr. 5/1: Age Last Birday [...] Flossie Fewclothes See you jiggered first.
[US]J. Flynt Tramping with Tramps 394: JIGGERED: done, beaten.
[Ire]Joyce Ulysses 405: Gum, I’m jiggered.
[Aus]F.B. Vickers Mirage (1958) 227: I don’t know nothing about ’em [trucks] I can start her and steer her. But when she stops I’m jiggered up.
[NZ]B. Mason Awatea (1978) 109: Rusty motor-mowers, jiggered rotary hoes, useless vacuum cleaners.
[UK](con. 1940s) D. Nobbs Second From Last in the Sack Race 87: I can’t. I’m fair jiggered up.
[UK]K. Sampson Powder 404: Absolutely jiggered from the flight and the non-stop partying, Billy let himself in with the key James had slipped him.

2. drunk.

[UK]Manchester Courier 6 July 12/1: An American paper gives a list of 200 ways of describing when a man is intoxicated. [...] he is jiggered.
[US]Salt Lake City (UT) 30 Mar. 4/5: He is [...] jiggered [...] be-argered.
[UK]in Partridge Sl. To-Day and Yesterday (1970) 313: Terms for ‘intoxicated’ [...] jiggered.
[US]A. Hardin ‘Volstead English’ in AS VII:2 88: Terms referring to the state of intoxication: [...] Verbs: Jiggered.
[Ire]‘Myles na gCopaleen’ Best of Myles (1968) 210: What are some people if they will do what you ask? Jiggered.
[US](con. 1943) A. Myrer Big War 125: Highball me, son, I’m mashed in a gin-sling: I’m jiggered, sir.

3. in fig. use, unstable.

[UK]Guardian G2 2 Aug. 3: The market suggests that British brewing is nearly as jiggered as the people who swill their products.

In exclamations

I’m jiggered (if) (also be jiggered, I’ll be jiggered (if))

excl. of confusion, frustration.

[Ind]Delhi Sketch Bk 1 Aug. 90/1: But how on earth to do it. I’m......jiggered if I know! (Scratches his head.).
[UK]J.D. Brayshaw Slum Silhouettes 170: Work’us be — jigger’d!
[Aus]N. Quilp ‘Stokin‘ in Bulletin Reciter n.p.: And, may my eyes be jiggered! My left’s a Partugee.
[NZ]N.Z. Truth 29 Dec. 4/6: Here, light up . . . third match, be jiggered. Light up, come on.
[UK]H.E. Bates A Little of What You Fancy (1985) 560: Pop not liking the taste? It really had her be-jiggered.