Green’s Dictionary of Slang

hot pants n.

also hot drawers, warm britches
[hot adj. (1a) + SE pants]

1. (US) stereotyped of women but equally of men, strong sexual desire; often as have hot pants for.

[film title] The Virgin with Hot Pants.
[US]J.P. McEvoy Hollywood Girl 36: A sensational secret diary [...] all perfume and hot pants.
[US]J.H. O’Hara Appointment in Samarra (1935) 163: [of men] I gotta do something besides get up there and give these butter-and-egg men hot pants.
[US]H. Miller Roofs of Paris (1983) 218: The mother must have hot pants too.
[US]W.R. Burnett Quick Brown Fox 46: [of a man] ‘Got a heavy date, that boy. Hot pants is what he got. Wait till he gets hooked up and the wife presents him with a couple of kids. He’ll cool off’.
[US]E. Brown Trespass 153: I told you once that I wasn’t just some little schoolgirl with hot drawers.
[UK]J. Curtis Look Long Upon a Monkey 155: Never been any harm in the poor old pet and he did have hot pants for her, the old lecher.
[US](con. 1950) E. Frankel Band of Brothers 139: The rummy happened to have a singsong girl with hot pants earlier in the evening.
[US]W. Brown Girls on the Rampage [of a man] 35: [of a man] This guy’s got hot pants. He can’t hardly wait to get into the bedroom.
[US]B. Hecht Gaily, Gaily 51: She was a rotten floozy with hot pants who made me sick every time she pushed against me.
[US]H. Selby Jr Last Exit to Brooklyn 118: For krists sake, what the fuck she smilin at? Got hot fuckin pants again.
[US]W.C. Anderson Adam M-1 76: No wonder he had warm britches for the girls.
[Aus]A. Buzo Rooted III iv: He told Davo that Sandy was hot in the pants for him.
[US](con. 1960s) D. Goines Black Gangster (1991) 25: All the bitches got hot pants for you.
[US]L. Kramer Faggots 232: The intense interest on the part of this younger woman was giving the older one hot pants.
[Aus]D. Maitland Breaking Out 177: Jeez, this sheila’s really hot in the pants for me.

2. a sexually eager woman; occas. man.

[US]R. Chandler Big Sleep 83: That goddamned little hot pants!
[US]Monteleone Criminal Sl. (rev. edn).
[US]J.D. MacDonald All These Condemned (2001) 130: Snicker and smirk. Now you take that Judy Jonah. Man, oh, man. Hot pants.
[Aus](con. 1944) L. Glassop Rats in New Guinea 136: Little Hot Pants, they called her, and some of the stories about her activities in the locked tuckshop after school an the backstalls of the Majestic Theatre appalled me.
[US]D. Pendleton Executioner (1973) 156: I want my bucks to go to my kids. To the kids, not to Miss Hotpants.
[US]L. Sanders Pleasures of Helen 26: ‘They called me Hot Pants if you must know, because they thought I was always hot for a little loving’.
[Aus]R.G. Barrett You Wouldn’t Be Dead for Quids (1989) 180: [of a man] Hot pants here’s after a bit of stray snatch.
J. Johnston I Promise 105: I know what you’re up to, miss hot pants. Don’t think I don’t! You’ve had a taste of it, and now you want to try a different flavor.
C. Feehan A Cheristine Feehan Trilogy 312: It certainly wasn’t her fault that rat Bruce Harper is having an affair with little miss hot pants Sylvia Fredrickson.

3. attrib. use of sense 2.

[US]L. Rosten Dear ‘Herm’ 150: She has [...] a 7th sense about whats cooking in the ‘hot pants’ dept.

4. (US) extreme keenness.

B. Brunner Face of Night 212: You figure it’s Richards, that’s why you got hot pants.
[US]G.V. Higgins Friends of Eddie Coyle 65: I’m not going to screw it up just because your people’ve got hot pants.

5. a term of address to a sexually eager woman (or one who is seen as such).

[Aus]B. Humphries Barry McKenzie [comic strip] in Complete Barry McKenzie (1988) 49: How about a refill — hot pants!