Green’s Dictionary of Slang

grove of the evangelist n.

also shady grove of the evangelist
[pun; the area was well-known for its up-market courtesans and ‘kept women’]

St John’s Wood, London NW8.

[UK]Sl. Dict.
[UK]London Life 31 May 2/2: [T]hey [i.e. ‘girls arrayed in paint and powder’] turn again / [...] / In the direction of the shady groves / Of the evangelist, where naughty loves / Are looked upon with charity sublime.
[UK]Barrère & Leland Dict. of Sl., Jargon and Cant.
[Aus]Dead Bird (Sydney) 14 Sept. 6/2: Belle [...] was previously enviable for [...] her luxuriously furnished nest in the grove of the Evangelist, and her skill in driving a tandem through the crowded streets of London.
[UK]Farmer & Henley Sl. and Its Analogues.