Green’s Dictionary of Slang

fucker n.

also fugger
[fuck v. (1)]

1. [late 16C+] one who has sexual intercourse.

2. [19C] a pimp.

3. [early 19C; 1920s+] (also facker, fecker, fugher) a general term of abuse, e.g. You stupid fucker!

4. [1910s] (Aus.) an English private soldier [suggests the aping of northern UK accents by Australians and the sterotyping of the frequency of the word’s use].

5. [1920s–40s] a vagina.

6. [1920s+] a man, a fellow, with no particular abuse intended and even some degree of affection.

7. [1940s+] (also fecker, fogger) an unspecified object, irrespective of its qualities; an animal.

8. [1940s+] a difficult or irritating thing or task.

9. [1960s+] an extreme example, whether positive or negative.

10. [1970s+] one who harms others.