Green’s Dictionary of Slang

sugarcane n.

the penis.

[UK]Spy on Mother Midnight I 26: I can tell you [...] some certain Signs, by which you may judge of the Qualities of any Sugar-Cane you may have a Mind to buy [...] 27: I must give my Voice for the Seven [inches] [...] for, I believe, on a general Survey, there may be more Sugar-Canes of that Size, and under by much, than are above it.

SE in sl. use

In compounds

sugarcane champagne (n.)

(Aus.) Bundaberg rum. 15 Dec. 🌐 Sugarcane champagne: Bundaberg rum (and coke). Highly conducive to vomiting and violence. 8 June 🌐 Bundy's master blender, Sarah Watson, said: ‘Bundy has forever been colloquially known as 'sugarcane champagne’.