Green’s Dictionary of Slang

Mississippi adj.

Proper name in slang uses

In compounds

Mississippi marbles (n.)

(US) dice, or the game of craps.

[US]Arizona Republican (Phoenix, AZ) 9 Aug. 7/2: He produced the cuboid ivories called Mississippi marbles by some and Alabama gold balls by others.
[US]F.W. Pollock ‘The Current Expansion of Sl.’ in AS II:3 146: A certain game of dice, formerly ‘crap,’ now enjoys distinction under such names as ‘Mississippi marbles,’ ‘African golf,’ and ‘Senegambian cricket’.
[US]Monteleone Criminal Sl. (rev. edn).
[US] ‘Animated Dominoes, Dice’ at Old and Sold [Internet] Some crap-shooting terms fade but a few have proved durable: Mississippi marbles: dice.
Mississippi mule (n.) [its ‘kick’]

(US) illicitly distilled, ‘bootleg’ bourbon.

[US] in DARE.