Green’s Dictionary of Slang

naartjie n.

[S.Afr.Du. naartjie, a variety of tangerine or mandarin orange; ? f. Tamil narattai, citrus]

(S.Afr.) a fool, an idiot.

[SA]‘Blossom’ in Darling 9 Apr. 95: Jislaaik, but you only feel a naartjie riding in the back of a truck with three drums of pig swill and a stack of lucerne bales for company [DSAE].

In compounds

Naartjie Republic (n.)

(S.Afr.) a banana republic.

[SA]Voice (Johannesburg) 1 Aug. 4: We are too ready and willing to ridicule the rest of Africa with the contemptuous phraseology of ‘Banana Republics’, but our ‘Naartjie Republic’ is no great example of justice, dignity and freedom [DSAE].