Green’s Dictionary of Slang

tyrekicker n.

[car sales use tyrekicker, one who examines a car at length, then does not buy it]

(N.Z.) of a politician or other decision-maker, one who discusses and debates, but fails to act.

[NZ]N.Z. Herald (Auckland) 22 Jan. 2: Car dealers have a collection of jargon they use on the yard, so if you are thinking of taking up selling cars as a career, there are a few terms you should know... ‘Sandwich munchers’ and ‘tyre kickers’ are not very popular in car yards [DNZE].
[NZ]Dominion (Wellington) 13 May 1: Mr Peters yesterday hit out at ‘political tyre-kickers’, populist prejudice and shallow analysis, after Mr Bolger slammed the idea of a Maori superministry [DNZE].
[NZ] McGill Reed Dict. of N.Z. Sl.