Green’s Dictionary of Slang

pluck n.2

[SE pluck, to pick up]

1. (Aus.) a stone [? one plucks it from the ground].

[Aus]Baker Drum.

2. (US black) wine, esp. cheap wine [? SE pluck, to harvest grapes].

[US]‘Hy Lit’ Hy Lit’s Unbelievable Dict. of Hip Words 30: pluck – wine.
[US]H. Rap Brown Die Nigger Die! 26: We went and got some ‘pluck’ (wine) and I told him I was in college.
[US]A. Young Snakes (1971) 29: ‘Fellas [...] it aint nothin like that pluck to snatch you in place.’ Pluck was wine, usually Bird, Thunderbird.
[US]O. Hawkins Ghetto Sketches 81: What about China? I missed that runnin’ to get the pluck.
[US]E. Folb Runnin’ Down Some Lines 175: Gimme some reds! Gimme some weed! Gimme some pluck! Now da’s a nice high.

3. (US black) an attractive woman [she is ‘plucked’ from the bunch; or ? ref. to fig. use of SE pluck, offal, i.e. the vagina].

[US]E. Folb Runnin’ Down Some Lines 152: Pluck refers to an attractive female.

In compounds

pluck head (n.) [-head sfx (4)]

(US black) an habitual wine drinker.

Milwaukee Jrnl (Accent) 9 Jan 2/1: Why did you take my bottle of wine? You ain’t nothing but a pluck head.