Green’s Dictionary of Slang

heebie-jeebies n.

also hebe-jebes, heebeegeebees, heebee-jeebies, heebies, heebyjeebies
[? ety. unknown, although the heebie-jeebie, a dance popular c.1926, was alleged to have taken its name f. the incantations of an Indian witch-doctor before making a human sacrifice; more likely a nonce coinage by the US cartoonist Billy Derbeck and first noted in his strip Barney Google in the New York American on 26 Oct. 1923]

1. [1920s+] (orig. US) unpleasant fantasies, nameless terrors, anything the mind can conjure up to produce nerves and fear.

2. [1920s+] a hangover, delirium tremens.

3. [1980s+] the physical and mental symptoms that accompany heroin or cocaine withdrawal.