Green’s Dictionary of Slang

give! excl.

1. (orig. US) explain! confess!

[UK]J. Curtis Look Long Upon a Monkey 79: You might let a feller into the secret. What is going on? Why are you so frightened? What dreadful men and why’re you here? Am I delirious? [...] Give, girl, give!
[US]N. Thornburg Cutter and Bone (2001) 240: ‘Okay, give.’ ‘Give what?’ ‘The truth, Alex.’.
[US]E. Weiner Drop Dead, My Lovely (2005) 36: Come on, sister. Let go my leg. Give.

2. an expression of contempt.

[UK]M. Arlen May Fair (1947) 10: Oh, give your rotten ball!