Green’s Dictionary of Slang

shove it up your nose! excl.

also stick it up your nose!
[euph. of shove it up your arse! excl.]

(orig. US) a general excl. of dismissal.

[UK] in E.J. O’Brien Best Stories of 1922 15: You can stick your colleges up your nose for all of me.
[UK]Stage (London) 27 Aug. 21/2: Stick a deck chair up your nose.
Leo Brodie ‘Past Punchy Advice’ 21–27 May on Homepage 🌐 Dear Michael, this is an advice column, not a fortune-telling service. My advice is to take your frisbee and stick it up your nose.
‘quarterbaker’ ‘subway train pot pourri’ 12 Oct. 🌐 If it doesn’t work, then this is just an assault on my senses with offensive odors. Again, shove it up your nose if you want to smell it – I don’t. If it does work as you describe, then it is neurological control, which is a violation of my right to privacy and self-direction. So, shove it up your nose.