Green’s Dictionary of Slang

blou adj.

[die blou n.]

(S.Afr. drugs) intoxicated by a drug, ‘high’.

[SA]H.C. Bosman Cold Stone Jug n.p.: Their favourite word for it was ‘blue’. ‘To be blue’ in [...] prison slang didn’t mean melancholy. If somebody said [...] ‘Man ek is blou’ it meant that his mind was heavy with gaudy dreams [...] If a man said, ‘I was blue when I done it’ [...] it wasn’t he [...] but the dagga.
[SA]L.F. Freed Crime in S. Afr. 92: The gangsters describe each other as being ‘blue’ when under the influence of dagga.
[SA] in Staffrider May–June n.p.: Can we have two kachies ... ? Make it three ... I wanna get lekker blou tonight.

Standard Afk., meaning blue, in slang uses

In compounds

bloubaadjie (n.) [Afk. baadjie, badge] (S.Afr.)

1. a habitual criminal serving an indeterminate sentence; thus the blue jacket he wears; the sentence itself.

[SA]Sun. Times (J’burg) 24 Sept. 5: Mr Justice Theron at the Rand Criminal Sessions declared R an habitual criminal and ordered him the ‘blou baadjie’ or blue jacket worn by convicts serving the indeterminate sentence of nine to 15 years [DSAE].
[SA]Cape Times 9 Jan. 5: Four battle-scarred shaven ex-‘Bloubaadjies’ – long term prisoners – had heard a noise emanating from the darkened building and decided to investigate [DSAE].
S. Roberts Jacks in Corners 171: Laetitia dreamt she was a photographer, snapping at bloubaadjies breaking stones in a prison yard.
[SA]H. Strachan Make A Skyf, Man! 161: Let no liberal come to a bloubaadjie with condescension. [...] Let the Prisons Board come to this bloubaadjie, the former mayor of Pretoria [etc.].

2. a provincial traffic officer.

[SA]informat in DSAE (1996) 75/1: You mustn’t go too fast on the National road, because there are a lot of bloubaadjies [DSAE].
[SA]Uet Suid-Westem 17: Oct. 2 n.p.: Every time a bloubaadjie stops a car and issues a speeding ticket [...] the Government loses another vote [DSAE].
bloubek (n.) [Afk. ‘blue mouth’]

(S.Afr.) a term of abuse.

[SA]A. Fugard Notebooks (1983) 164: The vulgarities (swartgat, bloubek etc.). [Ibid.] 238: bloubek – ‘blue mouth’ vulgar term of abuse [...] swartgat – ‘black-arse’.
blougat (n.) [Afk. gat, anus (arse)]

(S.Afr.) a national serviceman or woman who has completed half their training; thus, a novice in general.

[SA]A. Lovejoy Acid Alex 101: He announced loudly that I was a new rooinek blougat from Joburg who had been klapped for being a marrabaner. [Ibid.] 102: A really big oke with an eleven o’clock shadow called me: Ekse blougat, come here! [...] HERE JESUS GOD, BLOUGAT!! You better fokken wake up vinnig!
bloupak (n.) [Afk. pakke, suit]

(S.Afr.) an auxiliary police officer (used in those areas where the police wear blue uniforms).

[SA]South 9 July 7: There have been a number of reported clashes between special constables called ‘bloupakke’ and residents [DSAE].
[SA]Frontline 13 Apr. n.p.: Twice we come across bloupakke in royal-blue fatigues [DSAE].
blourokkie (n.) [i.e. prison clothes]

(S.Afr. Und.) a prison.

[SA]A. Fugard Boesman and Lena Act I: Oppas they don’t het you. Blourokkie next time they catch you stealing.
bloutrein (n.) (also blue train) [the Blue Train, a luxury passenger train running between Cape Town and Pretoria; those who drink meths take the ‘fast train’ to death]

(S.Afr.) methylated spirits; thus bloutreinryer, a drinker of methylated spirits.

[SA]Sun. Times (Jo’berg) 4 May 19: He said people also drank ethylated spirits – which has replaced methylated spirits or ‘blue train’ [DSAE].
[SA]L. Beake Strollers 71: They had to drink Blue Train, and methylated spirits made them mean, man, real mean.
[SA]R. Malan My Traitor’s Heart (1991) 419: They are bloutreinryers, riders of the blue train. In this country, methylated spirits are tinted blue.
[SA]J. & W. Branford Dict. S. Afr. Eng. (4th edn) 32/1: bloutrein [...] methylated spirits.
[SA]P. Slabolepszy ‘Mooi Street Moves’ Mooi Street (1994) 292: Blue Train is meths . . . !?