Green’s Dictionary of Slang

blou adj.

[die blou n.]

[1940s+] (S.Afr. drugs) intoxicated by a drug, ‘high’.

Standard Afk., meaning blue, in slang uses

In compounds

bloubaadjie (n.) [Afk. baadjie, badge] [1970s] (S.Afr.)

1. a habitual criminal serving an indeterminate sentence; thus the blue jacket he wears; the sentence itself.

2. a provincial traffic officer.

bloubek (n.) [Afk. ‘blue mouth’]

[1960s] (S.Afr.) a term of abuse.

blougat (n.) [Afk. gat, anus (arse)]

[1960s+] (S.Afr.) a national serviceman or woman who has completed half their training; thus, a novice in general.

bloupak (n.) [Afk. pakke, suit]

[1980s+] (S.Afr.) an auxiliary police officer (used in those areas where the police wear blue uniforms).

blourokkie (n.) [i.e. prison clothes]

[1960s] (S.Afr. Und.) a prison.

bloutrein (n.) (also blue train) [the Blue Train, a luxury passenger train running between Cape Town and Pretoria; those who drink meths take the ‘fast train’ to death]

[1980s+] (S.Afr.) methylated spirits; thus bloutreinryer, a drinker of methylated spirits.