Green’s Dictionary of Slang

lollies n.

[abbr. SE lollipop]

1. (Aus.) all sweets, except for ice lollies.

[Aus]Adelaide Times (SA) 14 July 3/6: Mrs Bankhead deposed that the prisoner entered her house, and attempted to decoy a little girl of hers away under pretence of buying ‘lollies‘.
[Aus]Sth Aus. Advertiser Adelaide) 3 Mar. 3/2: On Tuesday the children of Trinity Day and Sunday schools were regaled with the annual treat of grapes [...] Tea, cakes, nuts, and lollies were also liberally provided.
[Aus]Queenslander (Brisbane) 27 Nov. 6/4: The manufacture of sugar into various attractive shapes, for the delectation of young Queensland, under the generic name of ‘lollies,’ is a far more extensive trade than many persons would be led to suppose.
[Aus]Queenslander (Brisbane) 9 Oct. 23/1: The manufacture of sweetmeats, or ‘lolly’ making in all its branches, is now an established industry in Brisbane. For several years past the making of what is known as ‘boiled lollies’ has been carried on here, [...] all descriptions of sweetmeats, including lozenges, comfits, sugared almonds, jujubes, etc, [...] are manufactured in large quantites.
[Aus]Newcastle Morn. Herald (NSW) 20 Dec. 3/7: Thomas Robinson, a very little boy, 10 years of age, was charged with stealing lollies, the property of Mr. John Tiplady, of Wallsend.
[Aus]Shoalhaven News (NSW) 9 Sept. 1/5: Two vendors of lollies were prosecuted by the N.S.W. Pharmacy Board for selling lollies which, containing chloroform, came under the Poisons Act and could only be sold by certificated druggists [...] it was deposed that there was enough poison, in five of the lollies to have killed a child.
[Aus]L.M. Palmer-Archer Bush Honeymoon 51: I shall keep a shop with lollies (sweets), and dolls .
[Aus]Sun. Times (Perth) 5 May 1/1: His fruit and lolly scales [are] loaded with lead.
[Aus]Truth (Sydney) 14 Sept. 10/3: Hat shops, tea shops, fruits and lollies. / All are springing round about.
[NZ]‘Anzac’ On the Anzac Trail 83: [I]n exchange for a few piastres [we] received a fairly heavy consignment of bilious-looking lollies and Turkish Delight.
C. Drew ‘Zarzoff’ in Bulletin 18 July 48/3: He was a whale on lollies.
[Aus]L. Glassop We Were the Rats 224: Take nice lollies.
[Aus]R. Raven-Hart Canoe in Aus. 128: A dear old countryman [...] who asked for ‘lollies’.
[UK]R. McGregor-Hastie Compleat Migrant 107: Lollies: sweets and confectionary.
[Aus]C. Bowles G’DAY 75: The kids like lollies, and they like them just as much if you call them sweets or candy.
[Aus]M. Walker How to Kiss a Crocodile 87: [of urinal trough cakes] A few moments later a couple of lads came in to check out the purple lollies in the urinal.
[Aus]B. Matthews Intractable [ebook] I had gone from a rolled gold chocolate to a boiled lolly in one fell swoop.
[Aus]N. Cummins Tales of the Honey Badger [ebook] I loved lollies. [...] You’d grab an empty paper bag, stick your grubby hands into the lolly jars and jam that bag full with all sorts of coloured frogs, race cars, snakes and jubes.

2. the female breasts [they can, like a sweet, be sucked].

A.J. Buchanan It’s a Girl 98: Of the many slang words for breasts [...] lollies.

In compounds

lolly shop (n.)

(Aus.) a sweet shop.

[Aus]Coburg Leader (Vic.) 27 July 1/5: The telegraph operator was trying to interest the fair young lady at the lollie shop last Fridlay night.
[Aus]‘Dads Wayback’ in Sun. Times (Sydney) 29 June 12/2: ‘[S]he kept her mother's lolly-shop’.
[Aus]Sport (Adelaide) 15 Mar. 12/3: Norman R, the broken down jockey, is going to start, a littlie lollie shop.

In phrases

boiled lollies or Turkish delight

see under boiled adj.