Green’s Dictionary of Slang

whole kit n.

also whole kip

the entire lot, the full collection.

[UK]Grose Classical Dict. of the Vulgar Tongue n.p.: The kit is [...] the whole of a soldier’s necessaries, the content of his knapsack, and is used also to express the whole of different commodities; here take the whole kit, i.e. take all.
[UK]Sporting Mag. Dec. I 124/1: A new Magazine of gaming, and cricketing, and hunting [...] and all the hole kit of them.
[UK]‘One of the Fancy’ Tom Crib’s Memorial to Congress 28: That take the whole kit, down from SANDY the Bear / To him who makes duds for the Virgin to wear, / I’d choose but JACK SCROGGINS, and feel disappointed / If Jack didn’t tell out the whole Lord’s Annointed!
[UK]D. Carey Life in Paris 78: I means the whole kit of them.
[US]Bartlett Dict. Americanisms 403: The whole kit. An expression common in various parts of the country.
[UK]M. Reid Scalp-Hunters II 126: I tuk a wheen o’ stones [...] an’ killed the hul kit on’ em.
[Can]W.B. Cheadle Cheadle’s Journal 16 Jan. (1971) 104: After breakfast the whole kit set out for the other house.
[UK]C. Hindley Life and Adventures of a Cheap Jack 81: The dealer [...] swore Martin should pay for the whole ‘kip’ and eat it himself.
[UK]J. Greenwood Dick Temple III 117: Your father wouldn’t have done anything of the kind [...] or your uncle Benjamin; or any of the whole kit of ’em!
[UK]Pall Mall Mag. II 668: Why this invasion iv me chamber? Clear out the whole kit, or I’ll let yez know!
[UK]‘Doss Chiderdoss’ ‘Good in Their Different Lines’ Sporting Times 6 Jan. 1/4: She had ‘got ’em all on,’ her whole kit more or less.

In phrases

whole kit and biling (n.) (also kit and boiling, whole shool and boiling)

(US) absolutely everything and everyone, the lot.

[US]D. Crockett Col. Crockett’s Tour to North and Down East 201: The whole shool and boiling of the business of the department was put at scramblings. How could it go right?
[US]W.G. Simms Eutaw 435: Ef he had but three fellows with him [...] he could jest now scalp and massacree the whole kit and b’iling of 'em.
[US]Trip to the Rocky Mountains in Schele De Vere (1872) n.p.: There was good reason to fear that the whole kit and biling, as our men invariably called our traps, would be swept away.
[US]J. O’Connor Wanderings of a Vagabond 94: He’s a thief, Mr. Lane, and all them fellers connected with him are a set of thieves, the whole kit and bilin’ of’em.
[US](con. c.1840) ‘Mark Twain’ Huckleberry Finn 319: Go ’long now, the whole kit and biling of ye.
[US]M.A. Owen Voodoo Tales 123: Wid dat she laff ergin twell ’er ole man cuss de whole kit an’ bilin’ o’ blue jays.
[US]J.W. Carr ‘Words from Northwest Arkansas’ in DN III:i 85: kit an’ bilin’, n. All of a number. ‘The whole kit an’ bilin’ came.’.
[US]Wash. Herald (DC) 1 Aug. 38/3: He went over to extend an invitation to the whole kit and boiling of them.
[US]Van Loan ‘By a Hair’ Old Man Curry 97: The whole kit and boiling of you got a couple of notions fixed in your heads.
[US]S. Lewis Main Street (1921) 50: The whole kit and bilin’ of ’em are nothing in God’s world but socialism in disguise!
[US]E. Taggard Here We Are 246: ’Twas the hind-quarters of the sorrel I bet on. He was the only one in the hull kit and bilin’ of ’em that his quarters didn’t fall away [DA].
whole kit and caboodle (n.) (also entire kit and caboodle, kit and caboodle, whole kit and boodle, whole kit-and-kaboodle, whole kid and caboodle) [caboodle n.]

(orig. US) the lot, everything there is.

[US]Yankee Notions Sept. 260/2: Our advice is to let [...] the Free Soilers and the Fusionlsts, and Adamantines and the whole kit and boodle of the wire-pulling vagabonds alone.
S.H. Elliot New England’s Chattels 209: The town paupers of Crampton, who arn’t worth, the whole kit and boodle of them, two bright cents in the world.
[US]T. Winthrop John Brent (1876) 19: You’re [...] jess three quarters richer ’n ef you owned the hull kit and boodle of it.
[US]H.R. Stiles Hist. of City of Brooklyn III 569: Mr. Queen, therefore, purchased the entire ‘kit and caboodle’ of the stage company.
[UK]Leeds Times 16 Nov. 6/6: I got my back up at that and they walked the plank — the whole kit and caboodle.
[US]Dly Tombstone Epitaph (AZ) 18 Apr. 2/4: If my vote could do it, i would send the whole Chinese kit and caboodle back to their native country.
[US]S. Crane Red Badge of Courage (1964) 22: It might happen that the hull kit-and-boodle might start and run.
[US]Times Dispatch (Richmond, VA) 14 May 13/5: You are going, bag and baggage — the whole kit and caboodle of you.
[US]Eve. Star (Wash., DC) 1 Aug. 31/3: Why can’t you wait, Van, wait till the whole kit and boodle o’ us can move to the bran’ new claim?
[US]J. London Valley of the Moon (1914) 160: They look more like a real kid than the whole kit an’ caboodle.
[US]I.S. Cobb Those Times and These 25: Also, ez we very quickly discovered, the entire kit and caboodle of ’em were very liberal with regards to other folks’ property and other folks’ lives.
[US]J. Tully Shanty Irish 117: Yere worth the whole damn kit an’ caboodle of ’em.
[US]D. Runyon ‘A Piece of Pie’ in Runyon on Broadway (1954) 672: I see General Pedro Vega come marching out of the castle with the whole kit and caboodle of characters.
[US]S. Longstreet Decade 349: The French, the wops, the Soviets, the whole kit and kaboodle had spoken for history.
[US]E. Knight Lassie Come-Home 202: And, by gad, they’re all of them not worth one of the old bunch – not the whole kit and caboodle.
[US]Newsweek 16 Sept. 32/2: It gave the farm and the whole kit and boodle to Stanley [DA].
[US]H.C. Holling Minn of the Mississippi (1979) 65: Aye, you could sell your kit and caboodle, and really see New Orleans.
[US]P.D. Boles Glenport, Illinois 108: The entire kit and caboodle of them. Headed by this Mr. Framing — all indignant.
[US]E. De Roo Young Wolves 95: I’ll leave the whole kit and caboodle up to you, Roy-boy.
[UK]J. Quirk No Red Ribbons (1968) 286: Paul decided that the whole kit and kaboodle was’nt worth half a million.
[US]Phi Delta Kappan LI 567/2: The entire kit and caboodle of the jet set could be stranded forever on an unknown island off the coast of Lower Slobovia.
[US]L. Rosten Dear ‘Herm’ 45: That is the whole kid-and-caboodle of the Kitcher family!
[US]W.L. Wisner Sportfishing for Sharks 118: You can even put them on hooks, with their leaders, coil the wire neatly, and place the entire kit and caboodle on ice.
[UK](con. 1960s) Nicholson & Smith Spend, Spend, Spend (1978) 190: You mean you brought your whole kit and caboodle?
[US]R. Heller Supermarketers 285: Far from making its own engines, gearboxes, and axles, even IBM buys in the entire kit and caboodle for its personal computer.
[US]E. Estes Moffat Museum 27: Take as much as you like, the entire kit and caboodle!
[UK]I. Welsh Trainspotting 121: Ye see the whole kit n kaboodle, likesay.
[UK]K. Roberts Arundel 153: There’ll be a kit and caboodle of our people waiting to set out.
[US]H. Halberstadt Great Amer. Train Stations 127: The entire kit and caboodle is now owned by the State of Nevada.
[US]D.H. Sterry Chicken (2003) 100: She [...] hands me the whole kitandkaboodle.
whole kit and cargo (n.) (also whole kit and crew, ...and killybang, ...and pack, ...and parcel, ...and posse, ...and tolic, ...and tuck)

(US) the lot.

[US]F.M. Whitcher Widow Bedott Papers (1883) 95: Why the whole kit and cargo on ’em had inspired together and made a rag baby for little Adeline Scrantum.
[US]Putnam’s Mag. Feb. 196/2: Mistress Bea le's children were all bewitched, the whole kit and posse of them.
[US]E. Eggleston Hoosier School-Master (1892) 85: He’s powerful smart, is the master [...] He’ll beat the whole kit and tuck of ’em afore he’s through.
[US]Century 16 573: I’ll git even weth the whole kit and tuck of you, by thunder!
[US]C.E. Wright On the Lackawanna 71: Open that door. Are we to be robbed under our very noses? I’ll blow the whole kit and cargo— .
[US]M.L. Cowles Redbank 53: I wish to heaven the whole kit and cargo of them would leave!
[US] in J.F. Dobie Rainbow in Morning 92: The whole kit and posse.
[US]DN VI 283: Kit-an-tolic. All of a group of rollicking children or young people .
[UK]LANE 415: (The whole crowd) 5 infs, Kit and posse; 3 infs, Kit and passel; 1 inf, Kit and parcel; 1 inf, Kit and crew; 1 inf, Kit and pack [DARE].
[US] in DARE III 231/1: (A whole group of people: ‘They made too much noise, so he sent the whole _______ home.’) Kit and posse [...] Kit and parcel; (Entirely, completely: ‘He sold out the whole place, _______ ) Kit and killybang.