Green’s Dictionary of Slang

maiden n.

[ety. unknown; ? a local plant name]

(Aus.) cloves; peppermint.

[UK]F. Fowler in Southern Lights and Shadows (in Baker 1945) 167: Maiden Peppermint or cloves.
[UK] ‘Drinks and Drinking in Australia’ Town Talk 19 Mar. 547: A maiden ... Peppermint or cloves.
[Aus]Baker Popular Dict. Aus. Sl. 45: MAIDEN: Peppermint or cloves. Obs.

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In compounds

maiden lane (n.)

(US) the ‘red-light’ area of a town.

[US](con. late 19C) C. Jeffords Shady Ladies of the Old West [Internet] Cattle towns, mining towns, railroad towns, and towns near military installations [...] invariably had a sufficient number of girls to warrant a ‘line,’ a ‘maiden lane,’ a ‘boarding house’ or two.
maiden’s blush (n.) (also lady’s blush) [the colour; barmaid’s blush n.1 ]

1. (also maiden’s prayers) port and lemonade.

[US]Arthur Lloyd ‘The American Drinks’ in Comic Songs 13: There’s stone-fence, a rattlesnake, a renovator, locomotive [...] a lady’s blush, a cocktail.
[UK]T. Burke Nights in Town 393: At the American end of the bar [...] drinking Horse’s Necks, Maiden’s Prayers, Mother’s Milks, Manhattans, and Scotch Highballs.

2. (Aus.) ginger beer and raspberry cordial.

[Aus]Gippsland Times (Vic.) 18 July 1/4: Which largesse [...] we expended in a couple of lunches at Roberts’s, where you get — or used to — four courses and a ‘maiden’s-blush’ for a shilling.
[Aus]Queenslander (Brisbane) 21 Apr. 730/4: Mortimer said: "I vote we have a new drink. [...] ’ ‘What sort is it?’ replied Tom. ‘Oh, it’s a mixture called “the maiden’s blush”.’ [...] ‘Tell them what it's made of, Roberts,’ said Mortimer with a wink. ‘Ginger beer and cloves, and orange juice and honey,’ came the pat reply. It really was composed of brandy, curacoa, cloves, and water.
[Aus]Baker Popular Dict. Aus. Sl. 45: Maiden’s blush, ginger beer and raspberry.