Green’s Dictionary of Slang

ripped off adj.

[rip off v. (2)]

1. of people, exploited, stolen from.

[US]B. Moyers Listening to America 53: If you do get ripped off in any way, report it.
[UK]Observer Rev. 27 June 9: It was people like Little Richard and James Brown that were getting ripped off.
[Aus]D. Whish-Wilson Old Scores [ebook] He’d hated the desperate looks in the eyes of the ripped-off.

2. of goods, stolen.

[US]J. Ellroy Brown’s Requiem 199: I needed my birth certificate because all my I.D. had been ripped off.
[UK]N. Barlay Hooky Gear 158: The goods do not arrive as per the prearranged documentation. They get ripped off.