Green’s Dictionary of Slang

furbelow n.

[SE furbelow, an adornment to a dress or other garment, ult. f. falbala, trimming for women’s petticoats, scarves etc + pun on fur n. + SE below; the term begins as a ref. to a petticoat typically worn by a whore, then by metonymy to the woman herself, thence the pubic hair and/or vagina]

the female pubic hair; the vagina.

[UK]Old Catch n.p.: Adam caught Eve by the fur-below, And thats the oldest catch I know [F&H].
[UK]T. Brown Amusements Serious and Comical in Works (1744) III 137: How now, you two confederate brimstones, where are you swimming with your fine top-knots, to invite some Irish bully or Scotch Highlander to scour your cloven furbelows for a petticoat pension?
[UK]N. Ward Compleat and Humorous Account of Remarkable Clubs (1756) 283: She that us’d to exclaim against Drinking; and say, That a Drunken Furbilow kept no Porker.
[UK]Laugh and Be Fat 150: Here are People and Sports, / Of all Sizes and Sorts [...] With Legions of Furbelow’d Whores.
[Ire]K. O’Hara Midas I v: Let him fluster And bluster, Yet cringe to his harridan’s furbella.
[UK]Rambler’s Mag. June 238/2: Her grace of D— has ordered a new device to be work’d in her furbelow, a Fox creeping into cover.
[UK]‘Peter Pindar’ ‘Pindariana’ Works (1796) IV 480: A furbelow of good Queen Bess’s tail.
Cracks Garland 4: Female Auction; or, A Curious Collection of Town Cracks, to be Sold by Inch of Candle, at Peticoat-Castle, near the Sign of the Furbelo Lady, in Dildo-street.
[UK] ‘Adultery’s the Go!’ in Pearl 3 Sept. 25: Some husbands still are jealous, / And guard the furbelow, / But spite such prudish fellows, / Adultery’s the go.
[US] in Randolph & Legman Ozark Folksongs and Folklore (1992) I 541: She first removed her stockings, her silken legs to show, / And then the frilly panties to reveal her furbelow.
[US]Maledicta IV:2 (Winter 187: To [...] return to the quim whiskers, common terms include [...] the punning (furbelow, muff).