Green’s Dictionary of Slang

boozorium n.

also booze emporium
[booze n. (1) + sfx -orium/emporium]

(Can./US) a bar-room, esp. in a hotel.

[US]C.L. Cullen More Ex-Tank Tales 47: My mate was doing a neat little shadow dance [...] back of one of the South Side boozoriums. [Ibid.] I planted 235 of them around the Chicago booze emporiums.
Printing Art 25 470: Guess they’d ’a’ done it, too, if a souse had n’t been dozin’ in the boozorium where they laid their plans.
Judge 80 64: Their brothers and fathers were wrangling over the kitty down at the village boozorium.
[US]Newsweek 13 28: It was best to hie yourself to the adjacent boozorium and listen to Mr. Benchley imitating pigeons.
G.J. Nathan Bachelor Life 132: The most intelligent customer of the boozorium from October to May suddenly becomes cracked the moment the temperature hits eighty.
(con. 1920s) H. Robertson Grass Roots 249: The boozorium’s stock of expensive Canadian and imported liquors.
(con. 1920s) P.C. Newman Bronfman Dynasty 100: Harry Bronfman opened up one of his liquor warehouses – the boozorium, we called it .