Green’s Dictionary of Slang

sauce n.1

1. [late 17C–early 19C] a venereal disease.

2. [late 17C; 1930s] vaginal fluids.

3. [mid-18C] money.

4. [1910s] (US) petrol, gasoline.

5. [1930s+] (orig. US) alcohol, (rarely) drugs.

6. [1970s] (US campus) beer.

7. [1970s+] (US gay) semen.

In derivatives

sauced (adj.)

[2010s] (US) drunk.

In compounds

saucehound (n.) [-hound sfx]

[1940s+] (US) a drunkard, an alcoholic.

In phrases

hit the sauce (v.)

[1920s+] (orig. US) to drink to excess.

on the sauce

[1970s+] (orig. US) drinking heavily and consistently.

sauced (up) (adj.)

[1960s+] drunk, tipsy.