Green’s Dictionary of Slang

fart...!, a excl.

a dismissive excl., usu. as a fart for...!

[UK]J. Rastell Gentleness and Nobility line 419: Straw for thi councell, torde, a fart! Trowist I wyll gyf up my plow or cart And folow thy folysh appityte and mynde?
[UK]Thersytes (1550) D i: Folyshe frederycke furberer of a farte Dynge daniell deintye to deathe wyll with a darte .
[UK]Misogonus in Farmer (1906) II v: A fart for you all!
[UK]Greene George-A-Greene C2: [He] cast vp both his heeles, and let such a monstrous great fart, that was as much as in his language to say, A fart for the pound, and a fart for George a Greene.
[UK]R. Brome Covent-Garden Weeded II i: Fart for his undertaking; all the world is bent to crosse me.
[UK]Mennis & Smith ‘Poeticall Poem to Mistresse Bess Sarney’ Wit Restor’d (1817) 219: A fart for all perfumes, a turd for roses.
[UK] ‘Honest Tradesman’s Honour Vindicated’ in Ebsworth Roxburghe Ballads (1893) VII:1 37: I am a gallant Blade indeed, and gay apparel wear, / A fig for Trade, and a crown for a maid, and a fart for sorrow and care.
[UK]N. Ward London Spy I 2: A fart for Virgil and his Elegancy.
[UK]T. Brown Letters from the Dead to the Living in Works (1760) II 184: A fart for our creditors.
[UK]Fielding Joseph Andrews (1954) I 64: ‘Common charity, a f--t!’ says she.
[UK]F. Coventry Hist of Pompey Little I 103: I have been called to account for my Words [...] I must not say what I please against the Government. Talk with Decency indeed! a Fart of Decency!