Green’s Dictionary of Slang

tramp n.

1. [20C+] (orig. US) a general term of abuse, esp. of someone incompetent, second-rate.

2. [1910s+] (orig. US, also trampie) a promiscuous woman; occas. used of a man [her ‘wandering’ from man to man].

3. [1940s+] (US gay) a male prostitute.

4. [1980s] (US campus) an affectionate term of address.

5. [2010s] (US black) a member of a rival gang.

In derivatives

tramp-ass (adj.) (also trampish-ass) [-ass sfx]

[1970s] (US black) of a woman, promiscuous.

In compounds

tramp stamp (n.) [it supposedly indicates a woman’s promiscuity]

[2000s+] (US) a tattoo placed on a woman’s lower back above the crevice of the buttocks.

SE in slang uses

In compounds

tramp’s lagging (n.) [lagging n. (2)]

[1940s+] (UK Und.) a sentence of 90 days imprisonment, commonly that meted out for vagrancy.

In phrases

go on tramp (v.)

(Aus.) to die.

on the tramp (adv.)

[mid-19C] on a thieving expedition, pickpocketing.

on tramp

[late 19C] living as a vagrant.