Green’s Dictionary of Slang

tibby drop n.

[rhy. sl. = on the hop under hop n.4 ]

In phrases

drop on someone’s tibby (v.)

to take someone unawares.

[UK]Sl. Dict. 321: To drop on one’s tibby is to frighten or startle any one, to take one unawares.
on one’s tibby drop


[UK]A. Stephens ‘The Chickaleary Cove’ [lyrics] I’m a Chickaleary bloke, with my vun-two-three — / Vitechapel was the village I was born in; / To catch me on the hop / Or on my tibby drop / You must vake up very early in the mornin’!
[US]Appleton’s Journal (N.Y.) 1 May 562: Goodbye johnny, before I leave you, / One more kiss before I go, / For to catch me on the top, / Or on my tibby drop.