Green’s Dictionary of Slang

shicer n.

also schicer, sheister, shiser, shisser, shizer, shyser, skycer
[? fig. use of Ger. Scheisse, shit or shyster n.]

1. [mid-19C] one who has no money, i.e. who is lit. ‘worthless’.

2. [mid-19C+] nothing, something worthless; also attrib.

3. [mid-19C] (UK Und.) a prostitute.

4. [mid-19C+] a worthless, idle person.

5. [mid-19C+] (Aus., also shyster) a worthless or worked-out mine.

6. [mid-19C+] a cheat, one who does not pay their debts.

7. [late 19C] (Aus.) a duplicitous politician who promises but rarely delivers .

8. [20C+] (Aus.) a criminal, thus attrib.

9. [1900s–20s] (UK Und.) a dishonest race course bookmaker .

In compounds

shyser bet (n.)

[1920s] (Aus.) a bet one cannot lose.